Update Q4 06

4th Quarter update from your President

   First I would like to wish all a very Happy Holiday Season.

   If you did not attend the Mayor’s meeting last night you missed a very informative speech by the Mayor. I would like to thank all that attended and hope you now have a better understanding of the financial position our community of Madison is in.

   Now for the updates on what is happening in Bradford Farms:

You will see the 2007 budget posted under budgets, letter of explanation of the increase ( really it is not an increase as you can see in the letter) of the assessment for 2007, also the notice of our annual meeting coming on Jan. 16, 2007, both located under the Presidents corner. All this information will be mailed to you in the next week also. The notification of the annual meeting gives you the capabilities to print out the nomination and proxy vote forms so you can fill out and send in

    • The annual meeting is held to elect new Board members for the up coming 2 year term. We have three spots open.. The people whose term is up are Dick Clem, Mark Wilson and Paul Hurst. We need more participation from our Community Members. So far from the e-mail I sent out a week ago we only have one nomination, really we need a lot more. I ask you to think about being on the Board and taking part in improving our community that we live in. It does not take up a lot of your time, but it does ask that you attend and support our monthly meetings, which are held to one hour, lending you ideas and approval to the projects that need to be accomplished to keep our community a beautiful place to live. So please fill out the forms and send them in with your name or a friend’s that is willing to support the community.
    • Improvement and up keep of our main boulevard (Bradford Farms Dr.) has been almost a year long project for a few of us volunteers and a big thanks goes out to them. Bob & Gloria Richardson, Dick Clem, Ed Ditto and David Seitz. What does this volunteer work save the community? The cost is in the excess of $5,000.00, which means the Board did not have to raise the assessments to you the homeowner. Presently we only have 7 more pine trees to remove and that part of the project will be completed. The reasons for thinning of the pines were that they planted to close together and had become diseased and not growing. The Bradford pear trees all have been removed along with their stumps paving the way for planting the new Cleveland pears this spring. The reasons for removing the remaining Bradford pears were due to damage and their ability not to withstand the winds. The Cleveland pear gives us the same beauty in the spring, plus they are strong and can with stand the winds without damage. Now we are faced with the dying bushes that are planted within the pine trees, the next project is to remove these along with the pine tree stumps and bush’s root system. Before spring we will need a work party to prune and trim the remaining trees along Bradford Farms Dr. We need volunteers for these two projects and you can volunteer by mailing your name and number to pnjhurst@knolgy.net. or calling me at 721-9741 and leaving the same on voice mail. I will get back to you with dates and times to see if they fit into your schedule.
    • Our Maintenance Committee needs some volunteers to help in weekly clean up on the main boulevard and dumping of the trash cans located thru out our commons. If we had just 4 volunteers this would mean only once very 5 weeks you would have to handle this job. You ask why we have to do this, well it seems like some of our community members think that it is their personnel trash can and throw items out their car window as they leave or come into the community. Off the main boulevard the homeowners do the cleaning up and we thank all of you for doing this. Please if you can volunteer contact me and we can put you name on the list and set a schedule for you. We would like to ask the walkers in our community if they could just pick up the trash during their walks and place it in the trash cans. We do have walkers that presently do this and I want to thank them.
    • Architecture Committee needs more members and a new chairperson. If you would like to volunteer for this committee please contact Ed Ditto at 721-9366 or e-mail edditto@aol.com or contact me. The notice of our annual meeting has the job description in it.
    • The lighting of our entrance for the Holiday season is due to the volunteer work of Jerry & Linda Lyons, Bob & Gloria Richardson and yours truly. I thank you for your help and support this year. If one or two of our community members would like to form a committee for 2007 and handle the entrance decorations for next Holiday season please contact me. We do have money budgeted for this, so ideas and getting volunteers to help would be the main objective of this committee. Please let me know.
    • Landscape Committee presently has no members and is handled by Dick Clem our VP & Maintenance Committee Chairperson and his term is up in January. We need someone to volunteer to be chairperson and form a committee. The duties are really not that bad, they have to work with our contracted lawn care people to keep our entrance planted with flowers, bushes, etc;
    • Dogs that are walked by their owners need to be cleaned up after. We ask you as owners when you walk your dog please carry a bag to pick up their droppings it will be appreciated by all. I want to thank the ones that are presently doing this. If you see someone not cleaning up after their pet ask them in a nice way to do so and you as the owner understand other people do not like stepping in your dogs mess.

   This will be my final posting as my two year term is up in January. I would like to say it has been a pleasure serving on the Board for the last two years and the past year serving as your President. I would like to personally thank all of the volunteers for their help and support over the last year.

Paul Hurst


Bradford Farms HOA

From the President’s Corner

The 2007 annual assessment will be $120 per household.  I’m writing this to give all our homeowners a brief overview of our past assessments so you can have a better understanding of the increase from last year 2006 to this year 2007.

Starting in 1997, control of Bradford Farms was turned over by the Builder to the Community, to be handled by a Board of Directors following a set of Covenants and By-Laws.  Each household should have a set of the Covenants and By-Laws that we operate by.  Both documents are also on our website (www.bradfordfarms.com).  If you do not have them, please let me know and you can either pick them up at my house or go to our website and download them.

Since 1997 the assessments were as follows:

1997 $135  1998 $125  1999 $125  2000 $100

2001 $150  2002 $125  2003 $125  2004 $175

2005 $150  2006 $85

This averages out to $129.50 per year, but you probably want to know why 2006 was so low at $85.  The reason is that in prior years we had budgeted for a pond dredging fund, but in 2005 we found out that pond dredging is the responsibility of the town and not our community.  So the Board of Directors used this $9,000.00 surplus as a one-time bonus to offset the 2006 budget, which amounted to $48.38 per lot.

This up-coming year 2007 we no longer have that pond-dredging surplus and have therefore set the assessment at $120 per household.  This amount is actually lower than 2006 if you combine the $85 plus the reduction of $48.38 which totals $133.38.  I hope this helps you understand the increase from 2006.

Thank you,

Paul Hurst


Bradford Farms HOA