Update Q3 06

Results of the first set of objectives
for the new Board of 2006

Dear Community Members.

As the new President in January I work with the Board members to set objectives to be accomplished for the year which was published earlier in this section. I’m happy to say all the objectives were reached in the allotted time frame thru the TEAM effort of your Board members. Just to highlight them for the ones that did not see them I will list them as follows:

  • Speeding: The Board contacted the Police and over the last several months they have conducted a speed monitoring program giving out warning and actual tickets to the people breaking our community 25 MPH limit. I hope each and every one of you can obey the limits and keep our community safe.
  • Parking: We had a very serious parking problem at the end of Green Springs Lane, with the dropping off and picking up of students from Rainbow Elementary school. The City Traffic Board had a study done, which resulted in no parking signs being posted along Green Springs Lane. The no parking hours coincided with the drop off and pick up of students during the morning and afternoon hours, plus a sign at the end stating this drop off point is only for residents of Bradford Farms community.
  • We also have parking in the streets by residents of cars, boats and trailers which is in volition of the Covenants. Those in volition the Board ask you to please park your cars in the garage or driveway and the boats in you backyard as the Covenants outlines. Our Covenants are on our website (www.bradfordfarms.com) for your review and understanding of what has to be done to comply. We understand parking of boats or trailers for a few days, but understand others in our community have taken the time and expense to abide by the Covenants.
  • Sidewalks: Our side walks and cross walks do not meet the state regulations so the Board approached our District Reps. concerning this. The results are the town has not set this as a priority nor do they have the money to do them at this time. They have put this on the list of things to do, so this would be a good topic for the Mayors visit to our community meeting in Dec.
  • Committees: We had a couple of inactive committees and I approached the past Chairperson to reactivate them and had great success. I want to thank them for taking this duty to the end of this year.
  • Database of community members:  Our database was not user friendly and was not accurate, so the Board set forth to improve the format and accuracy. Thanks to Mark Wilson our Treasurer the database format was updated and improved to a very user friendly format. Through the efforts of all Board members and Sharon Ditto Chairperson of the Welcome Committee we have improved the accuracy. We ask you to please keep our database updated as changes occur in your data, such as e-mail address, phone number or selling your house. This can be accomplished by letting the President know by e-mail or letter. This data is important in communicating with you on different events in our community.
  • Website: The website needed upgrading and adding of a few function. This has been accomplished, so please go thru the site and see for yourself. One of the added functions is this President corner. The Board wants to thank Mr. Johnson for introducing and keeping the site up over the last few years.
  • Covenants & By-laws: We did not have an electronic version of the Covenants/By-Laws and only operated from an old copy, so to publish them was impossible. I took this objective on and typed the Covenants/By-Laws into electronic format and with the help of my wife Judy and Phyllis Goldberg our Secretary they were proofed two times to make sure they were correct as written. Now we have them posted on our website and have the capability to publish as we wish.
  • There are many spelling, grammar mistakes along with items outdated to federal, state and city laws which all need correcting, but they had to be left in as written. The next step is to start on the corrections process which involves making the correction and publishing them for approval of our community by vote. Once this is accomplished they will have to be taken to the Town Hall and logged with/replacing our old Covenants. The Covenants are on record in Town Hall of our city and by law this process must be followed to make the corrections and updates and must be recorded with Town Hall.

I hope these communications will leave you better informed and having a better understanding of how the Board is trying to improve your community and its operations.

Any comments please direct them to me via e-mail. Please refer to the HOA page for my e-mail address. Thank you

Paul Hurst


Bradford Farms Home Owner’s Association