Update 2007


Letter to: Bradford Farms Homeowners

From:    Bradford Farms HOA Board of Directors

Subject:  Compliance with Covenant Article XII

Date:   8-28-07

Article XII of the Bradford Farms Covenant (Use Restrictions) consists of twenty-five Sections that list the rules and regulations governing how we maintain our individual Lots and common areas, including what we can and cannot do.  Most of these sections pose no problems, and all homeowners are in full compliance.  Several of the sections, however, include issues where some homeowners are clearly and visibly noncompliant.  The Board has discussed ways to penalize those few homeowners, for example, which fail to remove empty trash cans from the curb or to place them out of sight from the street, who park cars on the street, forget to pick up after pets, do not maintain properly mowed lawns, etc.

It is certainly to everyone’s advantage to respect and obey all Sections of Article XII.  Our individual property values depend, in great part, upon the good first impressions created by a neat, clean, attractive and safe community.  By electing us, you have entrusted us to make sure that this happens. To that end, we have voted to publish the attached summary of Article XII for your review (to see the whole Covenant, go to our web site at www.bradfordfarms.com).  Please read all twenty-five sections. If you   recognize yourself as one of the few homeowners in breach of some of the rules and regulations, please take pains to rectify the problem.  If you have concerns about how to accomplish this, the Board is ready and willing to assist you. We encourage everyone to attend our Board meetings on the third Tuesday of each month, 7:00 PM at Madison Church of God. You can also reach any of us by phone or E-mail as shown below:

President Paul Hurst  721-9741 pnjhurst@knology.net
|VP  David Seitz  721-9442 dkseitz@netscape.com
Sec  Phyllis Goldberg 837-6126 phyljo21@yahoo.com
Treas  Mark Wilson  722-8260 markwilson@knology.net
Mem at Lge Kay Engelhardt 325-5863 engk@knology.net
Bob Richardson 430-0351 bobglorichards@bellsouth.net
Jerry Lyons  895-0165 ljlyons@knology.net

We all want to work together to make Bradford Farms a subdivision where each and every homeowner feels proud to reside. The Board thanks you in advance for your cooperation in making this a reality by striving for full and immediate compliance with Article XII.


Article XII Bradford Farms Covenant

Use Restrictions

Section 1. Signs. No sign of any kind shall be erected within the Properties without the written consent of the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Parking and Garages. Vehicles, including motorcycles, shall be parked only in the garages or in the driveways serving Lots or in appropriate spaces or designated areas in which parking may or may not be assigned, and then subject to such reasonable rules and regulations as the Board of Directors may adopt. No parking shall be permitted on any street…All disabled vehicles, stored vehicles, vehicles primarily used for commercial purposes, vehicles with commercial writing on their exterior, tractors, mobile homes, motor homes, recreational vehicles, trailers of any kind (either with or without wheels), campers, boats and other watercraft must be parked entirely within a garage or within the side yard or back yard of a Lot totally screened from view of other Lots, the Common Area and the street…

Section 3. Occupants Bound. All provisions…which provide for sanctions against Owners shall also apply to all occupants, guess and invitees of any Lot.

Section 4. Animals and Pets…. Dogs which are household pets shall at all times whenever they are outside a Lot be under the control of a person.

Section 5. Nuisance. No portion of the Properties shall be used…in an unclean or untidy condition or that will be obnoxious to the eye; nor shall any substance, thing, or material be kept upon any portion of the Properties that will emit foul or obnoxious odors or that will cause any noise or other condition that will or might disturb the peace, quiet, safety, comfort, or serenity of the occupants of surrounding property…

Section 6. Unsightly or Unkempt Conditions. It shall be the responsibility of each Owner to prevent the development of any unclean, unhealthy, unsightly, or unkempt condition on his or her Lot. The pursuit of hobbies…which might tend to cause disorderly, unsightly, or unkempt conditions shall not be pursued or undertaken on any part of the Properties.

Section 7. Antennas. No exterior antennas, aerials, satellite dishes, or other apparatus for the reception or transmission of television, radio, or other signals of any kind shall be placed, allowed, or maintained upon any portion of the Properties, including any Lot, without the prior written consent of the Board or its designee.

Section 8. Clotheslines, Garbage Cans, Tanks, Etc. All clotheslines, garbage cans, above-ground tanks, and other similar items shall be located or screened so as to be concealed from view of neighboring Lots, streets, and property located adjacent to the Lot. All rubbish, trash, and garbage shall be regularly removed from the Properties and shall not be allowed to accumulate thereon.

Section 9. Subdivision of Lots. No Lot shall be subdivided or its boundary lines changed except with the prior written approval of the Board of Directors of the Association.

Section 10. Pools. No above ground pools shall be erected, constructed or installed on any lot.

Section 11. Fences. No fence shall be erected constructed or installed on any Lot, or permitted to remain, without prior written approval…

Section 12. Irrigation. No sprinkler or irrigation systems of any type…shall be installed, constructed or operated within the Properties unless prior written approval has been received.

 Section 13. Tents, Trailers and Temporary Structures. … no tent, utility shed, shack, trailer or other structure of, a temporary nature, and no permanent or temporary outbuildings, shall be placed upon a Lot or any part of the Properties, without prior written approval.

Section 14. Drainage and Septic Systems. Catch basins and drainage areas are for the purpose of natural flow of water only. No obstructions or debris shall be placed in these areas.

Section 15. Sight Distance at Intersections. All property located at street intersections shall be landscaped so as to permit safe sight across the street corners. No fence, wall, hedge, or shrub planting shall be placed or permitted to remain where it would create a traffic or sight problem.

Section 16. Utility lines. No overhead utility lines, including lines for cable television, shall be permitted within the Properties...

Section 17. Air Conditioning Lots. Except as may be permitted by the Board or its designee, no window air conditioning units may be installed in any Lot

Section 18. Artifical Vegetation, Exterior Sculptures, and Similar Items. No artificial vegetation, sculptures, fountains, or similar items shall be permitted on the exterior of any portion of the Properties, without prior approval.

Section 19. Energy Conservation Equipment. No solar energy collector panels or attendant hardware or other energy conservation equipment shall be constructed or installed unless… in the sole discretion of the appropriate committee…

Section 20. Leasing of Lots.

     (a) Definition. “Leasing,”…is defined as regular, exclusive occupancy of a Lot by any person or persons other than the owner for which the owner receives any consideration or benefit, including, but not limited to a fee, service, gratuity, or emolument.

    (b) General. Residences upon Lots may be rented only in their entirety…No transient tenants may be accommodated...All leases shall be in writing and shall be for an initial term of no less than one (1) year, except with the prior written consent of the Board...

    (c) Compliance with Declaration, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations. Every Owner shall Cause all occupants of his or her Lot to comply with the Declaration, By-Laws, and the rules and regulations…

Section 21. Parks. Any park or other play area or equipment furnished by the Association or erected within the Properties, if any, shall be used at the risk of the user, and the Association shall not be held liable to any Person for any claim, damage, or injury occurring thereon or related to use thereof.

Section 22. Fences. No dog runs, animal pens or fences of any kind shall be permitted on any Lot except as approved in accordance with Article XI…

Section 23. Business use. No trade or business may be conducted in or from any Lot, except that an Owner or occupant residing upon a Lot may conduct business activities upon the Lot so long as: (a) the existence or operation of the business activity is not apparent or detectable by sight, sound or smell from outside the residence upon the Lot; (b) the business activity conforms to all zoning requirements for the Properties; (c) the business activity does not involve persons coming onto the Properties who do not reside in the Properties or door-to-door solicitation of residents of the Properties; and (d) the business activity is consistent with the residential character of the Properties and does not constitute a nuisance, or a hazardous or offensive use, or threaten the security or safety of other residents of the Properties, as may be determined in the sole discretion of the Board…

Section 24. Building Requirements.

(a) Building Size. The floor area of any residence, exclusive of open porches and garages, shall not be less than 1,400 square feet for a single-family detached house.

 (b) Setbacks. Setback requirements are those set forth on the Master Land Use Plan, as may be varied or amended by an ordinance of the City of Madison, Alabama, or other proper governmental authority. For the purpose of this provision, driveways, walks and steps shall not be considered as a part of the Lot…

 (c) Composition of Driveways and Sidewalks. No driveway or sidewalk shall consist of any material other than exposed aggregate or cement unless otherwise approved by the NCC or MC.

 (d) Sidewalks. All Owners, except Declarant, at their own expense, shall construct and maintain a sidewalk which parallels the street which is adjacent to the Lot. If the Lot is a corner Lot, this requirement shall apply to the sidewalks along the side street also….

Section 25. Mail Boxes. No mailbox, postal receptacle, or newspaper receptacle shall be constructed upon a lot or affixed to a residence without prior approval…and in accordance with size and type guidelines as established…

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TO: Bradford Farms Home Owner’s

Recently I have received anonymous letters from a person or group of persons within our community that calls itself or themselves the “Bradford Farms Home Owner’s Association Watch Group”. The Board has never approved or heard of such a group within our organization, nor is such a group mandated in our Covenants or By-Laws. We do not know who this group consists of, since all the communications come to me without any names or addresses attached. I therefore encourage you to please identify yourself or selves to the Board at our next meeting on the third Tuesday of Sept.

As President I will address the most recent correspondence sent to my address.

  • We are aware of the problems with the second lake, which has already been chemically treated several times. We are now watching the lake to see if it responds to these treatments.
  • We will check the Gazebo.
  • What you call “ant hills” in the median are the remains of the stump removals that took place a few months ago, and I agree that they are unsightly. However, per instructions from the stump removal company, we were advised to leave them alone until the earth has fully settled. They should be ready for leveling out in the fall.
  • As far as items 4, 5 & 6 - these were addressed at our last Board meeting and will be discussed again at our next meeting.  Again, I encourage you to please come and be part of this discussion on how we can best enforce the Covenants within the laws of the state and town.

We would love for more people to become involved in the management and upkeep of our community, but we must be able to work together so you can understand what is going on in the community and the Board. Anonymous letters don’t work. Personal interaction and cooperation gets the job done, so please come forward.

Thank you,

Paul Hurst

President, BFHOA