2011 Assesment

President’s Corner
Bradford Farms Homeowner’s Association
2012 Assessment Letter

In 1997, control of Bradford Farms was turned over by the Builder to the Community, to be handled by a Board of Directors following a set of Covenants and By-Laws. Each household should have a set of the Covenants and By-Laws that we operate by. Both documents are on our website www.bradfordfarms.com

The 2012 annual assessment will be $160 per household.

1997 $135

1998 $125

1999 $125

2000 $100

2001 $150

2002 $125

2003 $125

2004 $175

2005 $150

2006 $85

2007 $120

2008 $130

2009 $130

2010 $160

2011 $160

2012 $160

In the past 16 years the average annual assessment is approximate $135.00 per household per year.

We are glad to announce that 2012 assessment remains at 2011 level of $160. Even though the cost has gone up we were able to keep the same assessment. Thanks to the volunteers in helping keeping the Community one of the lowest assessments in the City of Madison. There are and have been many reasons why the Board has accomplish these low assessments. Three good reasons are as follows:

  1. The Board: The Board now is very active in doing what needs to be done without hiring out to third parties. We are getting older and we need new younger community members to become active in the Board. So please consider putting your name in for the ballot to be voted on in Jan 2012. It is simple e-mail or mail your nomination to pnjhurst@knology.net or Bradford Farms PO Box 151 Madison, AL 35758. Get involved it only takes a small amount of your time to help out the whole community and you have a voice in how this is done.

  2. Community volunteers: This very important as some of the projects are just too large for the Board, but with volunteers we can accomplish the task and not hire it out to a third party.

  3. Paying your Assessments on time: Each year as Assessment letters are mailed out we have great Community members that send theirs in on time. This gives us the money to handle our task as the Board, but if you do not this now adds to the expenses in more mailings, then if not paid legal expense in collecting the past dues. The Board ask you to be a good Community Member, pay your Assessment on time helping us keep the next year Assessment low.

For you newcomers the reason why 2006 was so low is that in prior years the Board budgeted for a pond dredging fund. In 2005 we found out that pond dredging is the responsibility of the Town of Madison. The Board of Directors used the $9,000 surplus as a one-time bonus to offset the 2006 budget.

There will be projects in 2012 that will require Community volunteers. I will send out an email blast to all when those occasions arise.

All members of the community are encouraged to attend the board meetings. They are held the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at Madison Assembly of God church on Hughes Road. This is next to the front pond. The success of our community is dependent on your involvement, so I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Thank you,
Paul Hurst
Bradford Farms Homeowner’s Association