2011 Assesment

Bradford Farms Homeownerís Association
PO Box 151
Madison, Alabama 35758

The Annual General Membership Meeting is scheduled for:

January 20, 2012
Madison Assembly of God

1475 Hughes Road
Madison, AL 35758

You are encouraged to attend the meeting to elect the Association’s Board of Directors for the year 2012.

Membership in the Bradford Farms Homeowner’s Association consists of all property owners in the Bradford Farms Subdivision. In order for the association to function properly, it is necessary for all property owners to become involved. It is important that everyone participates in the actual operations of the Association and abides by the Association’s Covenants and By-Laws, Conditions and Restrictions which are post on our website at www.bradfordfarms.com.

The Homeowner’s Association Board of Directors has two (2) vacancies to be filled for 2012 to 2014. Outgoing members are Phyllis Goldberg (Secretary) and Robert Doud (Member at large). The current Board is soliciting community members to volunteer for the Board of Directors and Committees. To assist you in choosing an area of involvement, some of the responsibilities of the Board and each Committee are provided below.

Board of Directors – The Board is comprised of members of the Association elected by the membership at the Annual General Membership Meeting. Each Director serves on the Board for two years. In accordance with the By-Laws, the Board must meet four times each year, at least once each quarter. The usual schedule for Board meetings is one regular meeting each month on the third Tuesday at 7:00 pm at the Madison Assembly of God church.

Duties of the Board include:

  • Create a budget

  • Authorize expenditures

  • Supervise committees

  • Participate on committees

  • Attempt to resolve members’ complaints

Architectural Control CommitteeWe have a chairperson for this Committee, but need helpers. The Committee Chairperson is appointed by the Board. Committee is to insure the community maintains a pleasant appearance, that buildings and additions do not detract from surrounding areas, we but need for you to volunteer. The Architectural Control Committee has exclusive jurisdiction over modifications, additions and alterations made on or to existing Lots or structures. The committee also promulgates detailed standards and procedures governing its areas of responsibility and practices.

Landscape & Maintenance Committee We have a Chairperson, but need more volunteers. The Committee Chairperson is appointed by the Board to maintain all of the common property owned by the Association. Our present Chairperson will chair one more year, but he needs helpers in keeping the areas clean. Common areas include the area around the ponds, front entrance and main drive. The committee’s most significant function keeping our commons clean. Other duties include conducting “Community Pride” days during the year.

Welcome Committee - We have a Chairperson, but need more volunteers. The Committee Chairperson is appointed by the Board. She is willing to chair for one more year but we need active members to identify houses for sale or rent and insure that new occupants are welcomed to the community. The Chairperson also insures that the realtor involved with the house is aware of the restrictive covenants with mandatory membership in the Homeowner’s Association that includes a yearly fee.

Nominations: To nominate an Association member for the Board of Directors or for a Committee, please complete the nomination form included and return it to Paul Hurst at the above address or just e-mail your nomination to Paul at: pnjhurst@knology.net. Include name, address, phone number and which position for nomination in the e-mail. Nomination form is also on our website. Please note that self nominations are permissible and encouraged. You can be a Renter and still be nominated.

Also included is a proxy form for the election. The proxy provides you with an opportunity to vote without being present at the Annual General Membership Meeting. Proxy vote form is also on our website. You may complete the proxy and return it to Paul Hurst, P. O. Box 151, Madison, AL 35758 prior to Jan 15th 2011 or e-mail your vote again to Paul Hurst at: pnjhurst@knology.net.

Website: www.bradfordfarms.com

Thank you for your efforts in maintaining your property so Bradford Farms will remain a great place to live and our property value remains high. Hope to see you at the General Membership Meeting.

Paul Hurst

Paul Hurst

Bradford Farms Homeowner’s Association