2011 Annual Meeting

To All

The Board held its annual meeting for 2011 on Jan 18th. Normal business was conducted followed by election of Board Members.  There was only one person who e-mailed back nominations and they were for the members leaving the Board. Nominations were opened to the floor and hearing none nominations were closed. We would like to thank the 19 who took time to fill out and return the proxy cards. They were included in the vote and the slate of Paul Hurst, David Seitz, Kay Engelhard and Dick Clem was elected for another 2 year term. We had one term expiring due to resignation of a member during the year. Ed Ditto had been appointed by the Board to full fill that position. Nominations were open to the floor and Ed was nominated and did accept with one unanimous vote casted Ed was elected for a 2 year term. Meeting was adjourned.

Following the meeting the Board convened to elect Officers. Paul Hurst was nominated for President and accepted, David Seitz was nominated for VP and accepted. The other Officers maintained their positions. Nominations were closed and one unanimous vote was casted.

Please review the contact information page for the complete Board/Officer listing.

Thank You

Paul Hurst